Thursday, September 17, 2009

Book Review: The Binding of the Blade Series

You may remember that a few months ago, I began writing a series of book reviews on some of my favorite books. I have been distracted for a number of reasons since then, and was unable to continue; but I will now continue the series.

Recently I finished The Binding of the Blade series by L. B. Graham - which today's review will be about - and decided to rank it among my favorites. There were many things about the series that were excellently done, although there were a few things I didn't like, as well. Scroll down for my review...

"After one thousand years, Malek emerges to unleash the full force of his army..."

The Christian fantasy series, Binding of the Blade, is a story full of depth, of prophecies from long ago being fulfilled, and of allegorical themes that brilliantly parallel the Bible. Tolkien fans will love the rich history of the world ofKirthanin, and Christians will enjoy reading good fantasy that is packed with messages of our faith.

I thought the characters were great, and I became very emotionally wrapped up in the characters' stories, backgrounds, and well-developed personalities. The author is talented at creating vivid images, but I found his descriptions rather long. They were quiteelaborate and specific, and that did a lot to slow the action. However, once I got used to them, they were worth reading through.

The series had good adventure, and shocking twists to the story that I would have never expected; friends that become the worst of foes, enemies that become dearest friends, characters with stunning hidden identities, and surprising turns in the plot of events. The last three books were difficult to put down, and I devoured them in a few days each.

However, the first two books were considerably slow-paced (the first one more than all of them). Nonetheless: DO NOT skip the first book!! If you do, you'll hardly appreciate the others half as much. And believe me, they're well-worth getting to. The ending to the series was so good, I nearly cried!

If you like fantasy, adventure, or fiction with strong Biblical themes, pick up The Binding of the Blade series!

See the series on Amazon: Book 1: Beyond the Summerland, Book 2: Bringer of Storms, Book 3: Shadow in the Deep, Book 4: Father of Dragons, and Book 5: All My Holy Mountain. (author's blog)