Saturday, June 13, 2009

Book Review: Do Hard Things

A message to all teenagers: you are possibly being bombarded by a dangerous, unseen weapon that can change your whole life for the worst.

That weapon is low expectations.

Are you ready to read one of the most challenging, inspiring, life-altering books you've ever laid your hands on? Do Hard Things, written by Christian teens Alex and Brett Harris, explores what it really means to be a teenager. What does God expect of us in our teen years? Is it true that He has big plans - I mean, BIG plans - for even the youngest of His followers? Are you missing out on something enormous because your culture is holding you back from it?

If you're ready to defy culture and take your walk with God to a new level, I highly encourage you to read Do Hard Things. It's a book written by teenagers for teenagers, with simple language that anyone could understand, but powerful content that could shake the foundations of our culture.

Learn more about Do Hard Things by checking out the authors' website,, or seeing it on Amazon here.