Sunday, May 22, 2011

Must-Have For Christian Fiction Writers!

Are you a writer?

Do you write Christian fiction?
If you do, then there's a book you have to read. Like, HAVE to read. It's this book below:

I don't care if you're a newbie writer or if you've been writing for many years. Whatever level you're at, you'll get something from this. 

As for me, this book gave me a MAJOR inspiration boost. The wheels of my mind just went flying. I had a piece of paper with me at all times while I was reading it, just so I could jot down ideas. And it also taught me a lot about writing. Here are just a few things I benefited from:
* Using the dumb puppet trick
* Tips on how to write descriptions
* How to handle profanity in Christian fiction
* How to introduce a character
* How to juggle lots of characters and plots in a big novel
 * Using the "or-else" component, or the "ticking time bomb", to add suspense in a story
* Including the hero's inner journey
Click here to buy the book on Amazon; click here to buy the book from the original publishers.
Thanks, Whisper, for recommending this book to me! ;-)