Saturday, April 13, 2013

Maybe it's good we elected Obama...

A common myth says that when you put a frog in boiling water, he will jump out; but if you heat up the water slowly, the frog will not realize the gradual change before he cooks to death.

While the scientific validity of the story has been disputed, the old metaphor still rings true.  Particularly with today's political climate in America.

There's no doubt that our democratic republic has been slowly veering toward socialism for a long time.  Like a scientist gradually cranking up the heat on that stove, we've been inching closer to a new form of government... president by president, administration by administration, legislation by legislation.  This has been largely under the guise of a term many politicians use: "progressivism".

As quoted by Hillary Clinton, when asked to define the word "liberal":
"I prefer the word ‘progressive,’ which has a real American meaning, going back to the progressive era at the beginning of the 20th centuryI consider myself a modern progressive, someone who believes strongly in individual rights and freedoms, who believes that we are better as a society when we're working together and when we find ways to help those who may not have all the advantages in life get the tools they need to lead a more productive life for themselves and their family." (1) (Emphases added)
In other words, "progressivism" is Franklin D. Roosevelt... it's redistribution of wealth, it's a nanny state, it's leveling the playing field, it's the big ole government taking care of us helpless toddling citizens... it's socialism.

Progressivism is rampant in both the Democratic and Republican parties.  While the Democratic party is probably more well-known for its strong progressive members, the threatening ideology crops up in Republican circles as well... just maybe with more subtlety.

For example?

Barack Obama's opponents.

Yes, both John McCain and Mitt Romney are progressives.  Despite firm attempts to align themselves with right-wing values during their campaigns, had either of them been elected, we would have ultimately continued on the same, slow path path to socialism that we've been on for decades.

Glenn Beck, a radio host and former Fox News personality, even thought "John McCain would have been worse for the country than Barack Obama." (3) (Emphasis added)

If they're all progressives, what's the difference between Obama and his past opponents?

I'd like to say that if most progressives are like horse-drawn carriages casually pattering off to socialism, Obama is like a super jet....

...Careening into destruction.

The documentary, 2016: Obama's America, and many sources like it, have delved into the mire of Obama's covert past and questionable connections.  If what the evidence implies is true, Obama is not just a progressive... he's a radical.  And he wants to push his extreme agenda down America's throat as fast as he can, squeezing in as much as he can manage into his eight years of office.

Kind of like dropping a frog in boiling water.

I'm not glad Obama is our president.  But maybe, in an unexpected way, Obama is exactly what our country needs.  Maybe the startling changes he brings will wake us up to our dire situation... and we will finally realize, as a nation, that this collision course has got to stop.

But will it be too late?

Modern scientists have pointed out several inaccuracies with the frog-in-water myth.  One of which is that, even if you dropped a frog in boiling liquid, the poor guy wouldn't be able to leap out because the heat would immediately damage his legs.  Even though he would be aware of the danger and would try to escape it, once the damage is done, he's a goner.

America's fate is uncertain now.  Only time will tell if Obama will be the catalyst for an awakening... or the final, deadly note in our republic's waning song.

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