Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Sound of Silence

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Sometimes the loudest messages are a silent glance or a well-spoken word. Sometimes the most profound meanings can come from simple silence. The dragonfly buzzes over a quiet lake as the sunset reflects on its softly rippling waters. The lady touches the man's hand; just a touch, just a hand, and whispers "yes". Two archenemies after lifetimes of contempt and hate shake hands and smile; no words, no comments.

The silence is what's so powerful. The simplicity is what's so profound. It's a good technique in films and books... and it's truth. God, the Master of art and language, often speaks in few words, or none at all. An act of kindness from the neighbor you thought hated you. The presence of a Bible on your nightstand when you ask God for answers, for a taste of His words. The rumble of thunder on a warm evening, or the rainbow of colors reflected by a drop of water.

God speaks in silence sometimes. He reminds you how much He loves you. He reminds you how powerful He is, and how He's in control of every situation.  

The biggest message He spoke was a simple action. He died. He hung on a cross. He didn't speak a word. He didn't proclaim loudly to the world why He was doing what He was doing. He just did it. He was silent. They asked Him questions before killing Him. He was silent. Yet in the history of mankind there has never been a stronger message of love from one person to another.

It doesn't take a storm to conquer a city. All you need is the leader to speak two words: "We surrender." And silence brings the entire population to fall to its knees. 

(Written April 1, 2009)