Sunday, June 17, 2012

New horizons

Hello, everyone!  I must say, it's been a while since I've blogged.  I'm truly sorry about that.  Schedules have been hectic lately, and mournfully devoid of time for blogging.  I hope to change that soon.

I'm considering moving in some new directions.  There are exciting developments underway in my life right now that could soon propel me closer to my vocational pursuits, in terms of entering the realms of film, entertainment, and media arts.  As God seems to be drawing me to cross new horizons, I'm pondering a few changes that would accompany these developments. 

For example, there is the possibility that I may transfer this blog to a new website.  I may combine the two blogs I keep into a single site, which would also expand to serve other, newer purposes, besides blogging. 

As I contemplate these ideas, I covet your thoughts and opinions -- you, the faithful followers of this blog.  If this blog were to be transferred to a new site, which aspects of this blog would you like to see continued?  What have you found most beneficial, interesting, and useful?  Which aspects of this blog would you not like to see continued?  What are some things that you have enjoyed on this blog for a time, but perhaps would not serve a purpose on a newer, broader-purposed site?

I appreciate your comments very much.  Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

God bless!