Sunday, June 13, 2010

A New Look! (And Some Other Random Updates)

My blog now has a new look. Yay! I like to change things every so often... and I guess that includes my blog. Sometimes I get tired of seeing the same things over and over. I'm sure many of you can relate. 

Speaking of "new", there are two new polls on the sidebar. Be sure to cast your vote! The current polls are: "What do you think about the Obama administration?" and "Who is your favorite Eld Lord from Curse of the Spider King?" Here are some polls that have been on this blog in the past:

2009 Poll: “What is your favorite type of book?”
Fantasy: 16 (72%)
Nonfiction: 2 (9%)
Historical Fiction: 4 (18%)
22 votes total

2009 Poll: “Who is your favorite Narnia character?”
Lucy: 5 (26%)
Edmund: 11 (57%)
Susan: 1 (5%)
Peter: 2 (10%)
19 votes total

2009 Poll: “Which of these Christin fantasy series have you read? (It counts if you've only read one book in the series.)”
-Dragons in our Midst: 5 (41%)
-The Kingdom Series: 4 (33%)
-The Chronicles of Narnia: 11 (91%)
-Binding of the Blade series: 3 (25%)
-The Sword of Lyric series: 1 (8%)
12 voters total

2009 Poll: “How Many Books Do You Read in a Year?”
1-2 Books: 0 (0%)
3-4 Books: 1 (5%)
5-10 Books: 5 (29%)
10-20 Books: 0 (0%)
More than 20 Books: 11 (64%)
Less than 1 Book: 0 (0%)
17 votes total

2009 Poll: “Who is Your Favorite American President of the Past?”
George Washington: 5 (27%)
Abraham Lincoln: 8 (44%)
Theodore Roosevelt: 2 (11%)
Ronald Reagan: 2 (11%)
George W. Bush: 1 (5%)
(also, I had put a few other presidents that no one voted as their favorite)
18 votes total

2009/2010 Poll: “What is your favorite thing about the Lord of the Rings trilogy? (Books and/or movies)”
The story: 0 (0%)
The characters: 2 (100%)
The setting (the world of Middle Earth): 0 (0%)
I don't like LOTR. 0 (0%)
2 votes total

2009/2010 Poll: “If you could visit any fantasy world, what would it be?”
Middle Earth, The Realm, Alagaesia (Inheritance Trilogy), and Kirthanin (Binding of the Blade) all had zero votes.
Arrethtrae (Kingdom Series): 1 (25%)
Narnia: 3 (75%)
4 votes total
2010 Poll: “According to Thomas Jefferson, When the government fears the people, there is liberty; When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. According to this definition, do you think the United States is in a state of liberty, or tyranny?”
Liberty: 2 (22%)
Tyranny: 7 (77%)
9 votes total

2010 Poll: “What is your favorite location in Lord of the Rings?”
The Shire: 3 (27%)
Rivendell 5 (45%)
Rohan: 1 (9%)
Gondor: 0
Mordor: 2 (18%)
Isengard: 0
11 votes total

One more random update: the futuristic novel that I began in November now has a word count of 11,942. My goal is somewhere around 40,000 words. So, I'm making progress, even if it's slow progress! =)