Saturday, December 11, 2010

Prayer Alert: A Christian Film Group

How interesting that my last two posts were about Christian movies, considering what I have to say now!  Well, to continue in that theme, there's a Christian film group like I'd like to introduce to you.  Their name is In Jesus' Name Productions.  They have not produced any films yet, but they are beginning a major, major project called "The Messiah", a movie about Jesus.  From what I understand, they are planning on a big budget.  This group has an awesome mission to make quality, evangelistic, Christian films (you should check them out!).  

If you ever think of them, please pray for the film group and for their project "The Messiah", because I'm sure they are entering major spiritual warfare just by deciding to make such a movie.  Pray for their protection from spiritual attack, and that God will provide the funds and the means necessary to create a film that will make an impact for His kingdom.  Wow!  How exciting it will be to see this movie come out some years down the road.