Friday, January 21, 2011

Poll Result

I've had a kind of random poll on my blog for a number of months: "Who is your favorite Elf Lord from Curse of the Spider King?"

I thought you might be interested to know the results of the poll:

Tommy Bowman  0 (0%)
Autumn Briarman  1 (12%)
Johnny Briarman  1 (12%)
Jett Green  2 (25%)
Jimmy Gresham  2 (25%)
Kat Simonson  1 (12%)
Kiri Lee Yuen  1 (12%)
(Total votes: 8)

I found it a little surprising that Tommy got none of the vote (I think he was my second favorite).  So, the winners are: Jett Green and Jimmy Gresham, in a tie. 

If you want to learn more about the novel, Curse of the Spider King, visit: