Sunday, April 21, 2013

The next Kendrick brothers movie: Involving you?

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I am very excited to hear about a new direction that the Kendrick brothers are taking.  According to Baptist Press, they are now launching their own production company, no longer under the umbrella of Sherwood Baptist Church.

Most intriguingly, this means that, instead of depending heavily on church volunteers as they have in the past, they will now use aspiring Christian filmmakers and students to work in their crews.  They are shifting their vision more to the action of training up the next generation of filmmakers.  Apparently this may include working alongside several Christian colleges, such as Liberty University and Bob Jones University.

The Kendrick brothers will expand to film in locations beyond the Albany, Georgia area.  Instead of using largely volunteer actors, they will pull auditions from all over the country, allowing people to send clips of their work through Youtube or DVD, in the hopes of bringing out the "undiscovered" talent they believe are out there.

This new direction is outstanding news for young (and mature!) Christians yearning to get involved in filmmaking.  As hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of aspiring filmmakers have wished for years, there is finally an opportunity for outsiders to be personally involved in the renowned work of the Kendrick brothers.

The Kendricks are one example that things are beginning to change. God is stirring our nation... evermore he awakens His rising warriors, the Christian filmmakers that will band together to shake this culture.  The ground is trembling... the rumbling grows louder... and louder.

The movement is coming.

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