Tuesday, June 2, 2009

2009 Reading Challenge

Shown above are all the books I plan on possibly reading this year: Binding of the Blade, Books 2-5; Ben Hur; Through the Gates of Splendor; Outside Hollywood; and Left Behind: The Kids, Books 3-30.

These are the books I've read so far: Binding of the Blade, Book 1; Mary Slessor; William Carey; and Left Behind: The Kids, Books 1-2. Anyone think I can do it?

If you think you're brave enough, try the challenge with me! I dare you to read all 40 books before December 31, 2009! Then if you live to tell about it, post a comment about your adventures. (If you wish, they don't have to be the same 40 books; as long as the number is the same.)