Sunday, June 21, 2009

New Movie: Come What May

I just saw the film, Come What May, produced by Advent Film Group, and I wish there were more movies like this. This is the debut film of a brand-new, Christian film making company. Come What May was produced largely by home school families in Virginia, who were instructed and overseen by professionals. Advent Film Group calls itself "an independent film production and distribution group established to create excellent Christian films by raising up excellent Christian filmmakers". ( Of course, since Come What May is AFG's first film, the acting and a few other qualities aren't as good as they could be; but the content is priceless. "Do what's right... come what may" is the theme of the movie. It's a story about faith, standing for what you believe in, and doing what's right; even when it's hard.

I highly encourage you to support this film group and its mission. Watch Come What May! We can expect even better quality films coming from AFG in the near future. I can't wait to see where it will be in ten years. Please invest in this group by viewing the movie. God willing, AFG will grow and expand in its mission for God, and continue to produce films that glorify Him.

See the trailer for Come What May by clicking here: Movie Trailer

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