Sunday, October 9, 2011

Writers' Block: Behind the Scenes, Week 1

Hello, everyone! Here are some pictures that I've taken during week 1 on the set of Writers' Block (working title). Writers' Block is a comedic, 1940's period piece, produced by Advent Film Group, that teaches a timeless truth: write for God's glory, not your own.

Now, I apologize that a lot of these pictures are not the best. It's because I did not want to distract people with my flashing camera, so I usually took pictures without the flash. The result is not always the best lighting on my part. However, the actual lighting on their cameras, which you'll see in the finished movie, looks beautiful!

This is the old firehouse where the movie is being filmed. (The movie actually takes place in a film studio in the 1940s.)

These two windows off to the right are for the rooms where they've been filming. Notice the black plastic bags over one window, used to block out the sunlight!

A typewriter - one of the props used in the movie
Down this hallway are the two rooms where most of the filming takes place.

The actors go on set, while the director watches on video village.

Jason Burkey plays "Chip Leninskovich".
Director Peter Forbes talks with the two lead actors, Jeff Rose as "Stu Harvey" and Jason Burkey as "Chip Leninskovich".
The director gives "directions" to the actors

On set, in "Stu's office"

Setting up between scenes

Jason ("Chip") and Jeff ("Stu")

Learn more about Writers' Block by visiting the official movie website: